You've got questions, we've got answers

  • Are all of your products 100% natural?

    All of our products are 100% natural except for our liquid soap.

  • Why do your liquid soaps contain Polysorbate 20?

    We use Polysorbate 20 as a solubiliser in our liquid soap. This keeps the essential oils and soap mixed. Otherwise, you'd have to shake the bottle before use every time and who honestly wants to do that?

  • Why not use a natural alternative to Polysorbate 20?

    Our company philosophy has two goals: Provide the safest options for our customers and staying as environmentally friendly as possible. The natural alternative to Polysorbate 20 is Decyl Glucoside, which causes irritation to the eyes and has long-term toxicity to aquatic life. The fight to be 100% natural is important to us but we refuse to provide a less safe option to give ourselves a fake pat on the back. 

  • Do you test on animals?

    Are you kidding me!? None of our products are tested on animals, ever. It is very important for us to stay cruelty-free. We are registered as a cruelty-free company with both the Leaping Bunny and PETA.

  • What is the shelf life of your products?

    Since none of our products us preservatives, our products do have a shorter shelf life than your common products found in most stores. That's right, we said it, no preservatives. Maybe in the future we will start using natural preservatives, but first we have to find one that truly works. Want to join the fight? Help us find a natural preservative that works by contacting us. It would lead to new products and you'd be the first to try the new products for free!

  • Are your products gluten free?

    Yes, all of our products are gluten free. Ask our friend, Sean. He'd be sleeping off a gluten hangover if we were lying.

  • Do any of your products contain oils from nuts?

    Yes, all of our soap products contain Sweet Almond Oil. Although this oil goes through a chemical reaction to become soap, we'd advice consulting with your doctor before using if you have a nut allergy. Past that point, we always recommend doing a skin test with any of our products before using them. You never know and your safety always comes first!

  • Our your packaging recyclable? 

    You gosh darn right they are! We strongly suggest and recommend recycling our packaging once you've finished one of our products. The environment is important to us. Most of our products come in glass vessels, which can be reused for just about anything. 

  • Are your products made in the U.S.?

    Although our ingredients are sourced from all over the world, all of our products are hand made in small batches in our small facility located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

About Us

Boeccure is a boutique bath and body company based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We hand-craft our natural products in a studio that is part of the Bocage Cultural District.

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Boeccure was founded in 2014 by Kyle Baker and Melinda Thiessen - Baton Rouge natives, graphic designers, rabbit owners.

Why We Make

To us, craft represents quality, tradition and community, along with the appreciation and stewardship of our diverse and abundant natural environment. At Boeccure, our goal is to manifest and advocate all of these things in every product we make.
In a time of mass production, when quality, consumer health, and consequence to the environment are just an afterthought, we strive to craft products that can deliver an eye-opening, revolutionary experience that doesn’t just enhance your daily skincare routine, but also encourages mindfulness and self love.

How We Make

We believe in the natural systems that regulate health, and we do not use ingredients that are proven to interfere with those systems. That means no detergents, no harmful preservatives, and only natural or nature-identical colors. Please visit our Ingredients Page to learn more about the ingredients we do use.
We also believe in being kind to the planet and its inhabitants (that includes you, so be nice to yourself, please). We try to do our part for the planet in the following ways:

PETA Cruelty Free & Leaping Bunny CertificationsWe never test on animals and we only source our ingredients from businesses that also do not test on animals.

Palm-Free Product LineWe do not use palm oil in any of our products, in an effort to aid in the fight against deforestation and its negative local and global effects.

Responsibly Forested PackagesWe carefully select our vendors to ensure that, as much as possible, our paper materials are either recycled stock, SFI Certified, or FSC Certified. We also print with vendors who use soy or vegetable-based inks.